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Kākā / Nestor meridionalis

Drawings & Mixed Media

These gorgeous and gregarious parrots are listed as “Nationally Vulnerable”.

Whilst on Resolution Island I often heard them flying over with their raucous call and fooling around in the tree tops. Their main threat in Dusky Sound area is from predators such as stoats, rats and possums who prey on their chicks and eggs.

This is not helped by the fact they like to nest in hollow trees which gives them no form of escape. Competition for food is also an issue with the likes of possums on the mainland, who compete for the high energy food of the endemic mistletoe and rata.

Competition from wasps and bees for the honeydew excreted by scale insects on beech trees is also an issue. The botanical images in the background of the work are of the specimens drawn and collected when I was in Dusky Sound.