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Yellow-eyed Penguin from the Plastic Tide Series

Recent Work

Some of my fondest memories of growing up were of spending time in and around the water. The ocean and the rivers were my playground. Summers were spent swimming, sailing, snorkeling, canoeing and fishing. Sadly this reality may be just a distant memory as we see our oceans and rivers clogged with plastic waste and polluted from our throwaway society.

Our beautiful Sea birds are a barometer of the health of our oceans and they along with their marine ecosystems are suffering. We need to stem the tide of Plastic waste.

The plastic items in these works represent many of the different industries that contribute to the tsunami of plastic in our oceans and waterways. Plastic fish used to hold soy sauce for sushi may be the only type of fish left swimming if we don’t do something!

Water is the source of life and we all need it to survive! It is time for us to take responsibility for this precious resource by preserving, nurturing and protecting it for our own and future generations.